Why we are

Why we are

It always starts with an idea

The idea of Dr. Dr. Herbert Falk is "Progress through interaction" in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. Developing pharmaceutical products but also the field as a whole. And for this purpose connecting people to whom this topic is of particular concern, whose expertise it is, and who really care.

Once upon a time – then and now

You want to know why and how Dr. Falk Pharma has become the leading specialist in digestive and metabolic medicine? With pleasure. Born in 1924 in Müllheim near Freiburg, the son of a pharmacist, Herbert Falk held two perspectives in balance.

Through the eyes of the pharmacist

He saw the needs of the people visiting his father's pharmacy every day. His first medicinal preparation was of cardiovascular drops, which he manufactured there and sold in many pharmacies around Freiburg. The development of further preparations followed.

Through the eyes of the medical doctor

Herbert Falk had a deep interest in the interactions in the human organism and great enthusiasm for further development and application of medicine in the form of new therapies with better outcomes. And this with a focus on hepatology and gastroenterology.

As an entrepreneur

He was more interested in the result, less in the route to it. He was trend-setting and intuitive, and put finding solutions in the hands, heads and hearts of his staff and the worldwide network of leading scientists from research and clinical practice.

A master of combinatorial analysis

From various impulses creating a new core idea, which was worth pursuing. In particular: with his ideas, he indicated the general direction without specifying the destination, and inspired the people in the company to get involved, to do their best, to make their contribution in order to help to create something beneficial in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology.

In 60 years around the world

Since the founding of the company in 1960, Dr. Falk Pharma has developed a deep connection to the global gastroenterological community: to scientists, researchers, doctors and opinion leaders. Around the globe. With a binding connection. And constantly evolving.

Interaction of science and practice

Initiating, accelerating and establishing this interaction in order to develop the best possible forms of therapy is the recurring theme running through the work of Dr. Dr. Herbert Falk.
Its origin is the launch of the international Falk Symposia in October 1967. For the first time, 800 doctors and scientists from 18 countries met in Freiburg. The foundation stone was laid for what is now well over 200 symposia in all continents of the world. They were and are an essential source of inspiration and innovation between science, research and practice.

What Herbert Falk began...

...was later carried on in the same vein by his wife Ursula Falk and kept alive. It was particularly through the establishment of further subsidiaries, that she reinforced the presence of Dr. Falk Pharma, building a strong bridge to the future.

In this way, a special culture of innovation has developed within the company, rooted in the awareness that: Knowledge drives everything and leads to innovation.