Now into the future

Now into the future

The future is created now. That's why Dr. Falk Pharma has a clear vision:
Together more knowledge, more innovation, more life.

This is what we base our thinking and actions upon. As a specialist in digestive and metabolic medicine.

Focus, patient orientated

For over 60 years, Dr. Falk Pharma has been developing products, forms of therapy and the field of gastroenterology and hepatology as a whole. The focus: Millions of people with inflammatory bowel disease as well as digestive and metabolic problems. To enable relief, well-being, more ease of movement and confidence in everyday situations. With the best possible therapies.

Maintaining the role of pioneer

Dr. Falk Pharma focuses particularly on the requirements of therapeutic practice and new solutions that contribute to real improvements in patient health.

Continuity and togetherness

As a family company, these are what we build on. The idea of the founder Dr. Dr. Herbert Falk of “Progress through interaction” is a living part of the company's culture and values.

Values that drive us

Being dynamic when dealing with questions, tasks and with one another. Giving each other space so that new ideas can arise. Encouraging each other to break new ground.

Being awake. Antenna tuned-in to receive new impulses. Being curious about what emerges when things are newly combined.

Being really connected with what one does, where one is. Not just superficially, but deeply and genuinely.

Freiburg – World – Freiburg

Today Dr. Falk Pharma is present in over 65 countries with its medical preparations, close to those needing treatment. With ten of its own subsidiaries and with partners.

Here, too, the family-owned company is committed to continuity: to continue investing in its global presence and the availability of its products. And to continue to promote scientific interaction through the independently operating Falk Foundation.

New Work – a binding connection

The connection to the region is firmly anchored in the DNA of Dr. Falk Pharma. Sustainable. Responsible. Forward looking. This is how Dr. Falk Pharma not only creates new jobs, but will also create a new common work location. With lots of space to allow knowledge and innovation to arise through encounters and exchanges. The important thing here is to make the essential values of the company tangible within the new architecture. We will welcome you there from 2026!